Merchant Services & Reporting


Limitless Merchants utilize JetPay’s GetReporting system. This provides access to real-time transaction information as well as to deposits and statements using a p.c. and standard browsers.

Mobile Payments

MyMobileMoney powered by JetPay is your fast, easy and convenient way to take payments on the go. With flat rate pricing for all your transactions, it is your smart solution for mobile payments.

Recurring Payments

As consumers face increasing pressures and time constraints, they look for new ways to simplify their lives and manage finances. The recurring payments service offers a convenient way to handle recurring and installment charges.

Account Updater

Limitless’s Account Updater automatically updates card records for renewals and card account changes without having to reach out to the account holder for updated card information. The service eliminates a decision point for customers to cancel services, when no decision is needed.

Transaction Recycling

Transaction recycling is an additional feature of the Batch Payments engine. If your client gets a “decline” at the normal billing period, Limitless/JetPay will continue to submit the transaction – based on the internal rules – for up to 15 days.

Dynamic Descriptors

The JetPay Dynamic Descriptors Service allows our Limitless customers to submit a unique merchant descriptor or product descriptor, plus a toll-free support number with each transaction. This descriptor can be tailored to particular products or departments with unique descriptions and customer support lines.

Virtual Terminal

The JetPay Virtual Terminal Solution enables gateway-free, PC-based credit card processing via the Internet and eliminates the need for other costly POS hardware and software. Virtual Terminal leverages your existing computer hardware and internet connection into a comprehensive POS device.

Secure Tokens

With ever increasing PCI requirements and the expanding capabilities of internet hackers and thieves, JetPay’s Safe Tokenization is the perfect way to keep your customers’ card information safe when the features of a full database encryption service are not needed.

Risk & Fraud Protection

JetPay supplies fraud and risk monitoring for merchant accounts. By analyzing trends in payment activity across your merchant account and identifying any transactions that might be suspected fraud or tumbling attacks, JetPay offers real-time security for your payment services.

Limitless GETREPORTING System, Powered By JetPay.

Limitless Merchants are able to take advantage of JetPay’s comprehensive GetReporting system. GetReporting provides you real-time transaction information online, as well as deposits and statement information at your fingertips. The system will run customized reports, show you the exact time of deposits to your local bank account, and allow you to view or print all the data on the system in real-time.

Comprehensive, flexible, and secure reporting of all your transactions.

Information configurable down to the specific user level on reports.

Full options to export results: CSV, Excel, PDF.

Extensive corporate level reporting on fraud, funding and chargebacks.

Easy Merchant Statement generation.

User Data fields: customizable content for your specific business needs in reporting.

ACH reporting as needed.

Full and partial refunding right from the reporting screen.

Real-time data.

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