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What if you could continue taking credit and debit cards and ELIMINATE 100% OF YOUR MERCHANT FEES for only about $1 per day. What if you could increase your profitability by up to 20%… Would you be interested?


Limitless Credit Card Program is a revolutionary, innovative, patent-pending process, that virtually eliminates the high cost of accepting credit cards.



Limitless is approved in all 50 states and accepts all major credit cards, including American Express, for ONE LOW MONTHLY COST of $35. Don’t miss out on opportunities because you don’t accept credit cards due to their high fees. Now you can attract and capture new business by accepting AMEX without the fees.

Wouldn’t it Be Great to get Control of Your Business Back From the Big Banks and Processing Companies?

With Limitless, the customer pays the small processing fee at the point of the sale for using their credit or debit card. By reversing the fees associated with the acceptance of credit and debt cards, you, the merchant, save 100% on fees being assessed by, and being paid to, big banks and credit card processing companies.
As a Limitless Merchant, you pay only $35/month regardless of your sales volume. Limitless also provides the software and terminals needed for your business through a simple and cost effective lease program.

You Pay A Low Monthly Fee For Unlimited Credit Card Processing.

There Are No Fees On Cash Transactions.

Customers Pay The Small Processing Fee For The Convenience Of Using Credit Cards.

JetPay, One Of The Nations Leading Credit Card Processing Companies Supports Every Merchant And Transaction.

You Save Tons Of $$$$. You Increase Your Profitability By Up To 20%.


In order to take advantage of the MASSIVE SAVINGS WITH LIMITLESS PROCESSING PROGRAM, merchants must use an approved Limitless device.



Limitless SMARTREGISTER is an All-in-One Unit with integrated Ad Screen Cash Drawer, Receipt Printer, Image Scanner and INGENICO IPP320 Processing Terminal.



We have partnered with EQUINOX PAYMENTS, a premier terminal manufacturer, to provide comprehensive technology and software solutions. Terminals are all EMV capable and can process NFC transactions.


Limitless may also be compatible with your current POS and online systems. For more information, contact your Limitless Representative today!

Start Saving Today. Become Limitless!

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